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Wait Lists

When to use a wait list
  • Wait lists will be made available on a course by course basis. Waitlists will open once there are no more seats left in a particular Biology course.
  • Courses for which some sections are full but other sections have available seats are not considered closed until all seats are full. Only when all seats are full will a waiting list be made available.
  • BIO141 and BIO 142 waitlists are maintained by the Nursing department.
  • Please note that adding your name to a waitlist does not guarantee a spot in that course.
  • You cannot complete a wait list form until your registration time has arrived.
  • If you try to register for a course that is full, and the wait list has not been made available please email and we will make that form available.
Wait lists for Spring 2023 registration period (for Fall 2023 courses):
  • Wait lists are available for individual courses, with a few exceptions. Waitlists for all 300 and 400 level Biology options courses are included on the same form, and on the form you can indicate which course you need. The forms will be made available once a majority of seats in 300- and 400-level courses have been filled, at which time an email will be sent out to students notifying them that the form is available.
  • Please note that seats in BIO 201: Foundations of Biological Inquiry are reserved for incoming freshman Biology majors. Any remaining seats in those sections will be made available to other students in mid-to-late August.
  • To add your name to a wait list, click on the link associated with the course you would like to join. This link will open a Google form for you to provide all the information necessary to add you to a wait list.