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Graduate School Advisement

Students interested in continuing on to graduate school in order to pursue a career in research should select an area of focus and develop as strong a background as possible. It is critical that students interested in pursuing graduate work become involved in undergraduate research while at TCNJ. In addition to engaging in research, the student should obtain information about their particular area of focus or interest from faculty who teach classes or are conducting research in that area.

All faculty in the department can provide information and guidance to students interested in attending graduate school at both the Masters and Ph.D. levels. Students interested in graduate work should consult their advisor for advise on topics such as taking standardized tests (e.g., GREs), fulfilling requirements, obtaining letters of recommendation, and the like. However, since the application process for graduate study is very different for different fields, students should consult not only their advisor, but also any and all faculty in their specific area of interest (ecology, developmental biology, molecular biology, etc.), who may be able to provide additional information and a personal perspective on the process. (Faculty areas of interest and research can be found in links from “Faculty and Staff” on this page.) Individual faculty need to be asked to write letters of recommendation. Unlike medical schools, graduate schools do not accept composite letters.

Additionally, each fall Tri-Beta hosts a session called “How to Get Inolved in Research” and in the spring, the faculty host an informational session on graduate school.

Additionally, a Graduate Studies Club known as “GradS” has been formed, comprised of students interested in pursuing graduate study. Meetings address such issues as the application process, research and non-research based programs, testing, and finding a mentor and a school. The Advisor for this club is Dr. Tracy Kress.

Please read “All About Gradaute School (in a nutshell!)” for more information and tips.