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TCNJ will resume normal operations at noon on Thursday, March 22. Administrative offices and the library will reopen at that time and afternoon classes will be held as scheduled. Classes and events before that time will not be held.

Alert Posted on March 21st, 2018 at 8:25 pm

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Biology Liberal Arts

Major Courses
Course Units
BIO099/Orientation to Biology 0 course unit
BIO 201/ Foundations of Biological Inquiry   (formerly BIO185/Themes in Biology) 1 course unit
BIO 211/Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell 1 course unit
BIO 221/Ecology and Field Biology 1 course unit
BIO 231/Genetics 1 course unit
BIO 498/Biological Seminar 1 course unit
One “organism and evolution” biology option course (from approved list) 1 course unit
Four biology option courses (by advisement) 4 course units

Total major courses

10 course units

Correlate Courses
Course Units
CHE 201, 202/General Chemistry I/II 2 course units
CHE 331, 332/Organic Chemistry I/II 2 course units
MAT 127/Calculus A 1 course unit
MAT 128/Calc B; MAT 200; or STA 215 1 course unit
PHY 201/Physics I 1 course unit

Total required correlate courses

7 course units

For more information on this program, please visit the Undergraduate Bulletin and Program Summary Sheets.