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Bachelor of Science in Biology – Liberal Arts

Towards Bachelor of Science degree:

Major Courses
Course Units
BIO099/Orientation to Biology 0 course unit
BIO 201/ Foundations of Biological Inquiry (formerly BIO185/Themes in Biology) 1 course unit
BIO 211/Cell Biology and Biochemistry (formerly Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell) 1 course unit
BIO 221/Ecology and Field Biology 1 course unit
BIO 231/Genetics 1 course unit
BIO 498/Biological Seminar 1 course unit
One “organism and evolution” biology option course (from approved list) 1 course unit
Four biology option courses (by advisement) 4 course units

Total major courses

10 course units

Correlate Courses
Course Units
CHE 201, 202/General Chemistry I/II 2 course units
CHE 331, 332/Organic Chemistry I/II 2 course units
MAT 127/Calculus A 1 course unit
MAT 128/Calc B; MAT 200; or STA 215 1 course unit
PHY 201/Physics I 1 course unit

Total required correlate courses

7 course units

For more information on this program, please visit the Undergraduate Bulletin and Program Summary Sheets.