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Computational and Mathematical Biology Minor

The minor in computational and mathematical biology, housed in the Biology Department, provides students with interdisciplinary training to address biological questions using tools and concepts from computer science, mathematics and/or statistics. Students who complete this minor will appreciate the important role that quantitative sciences now play in biology and also recognize that biology is leading to exciting advances in these quantitative fields.


Prerequisites (1 course unit)

The minor has the following prerequisites: 

  • BIO 201 (Foundations of Biological Inquiry)
  • CSC 220 (Computer Science I: Computational Problem Solving) or CSC 250 (Accelerated CS I, II)
  • MAT 127 (Calculus A), or permission of Computational and Mathematical Biology group

Options (4 course unit)

Students will take four course units beyond the prerequisites to complete the minor. The four courses should be chosen from the list of options and will vary depending on a student’s major (links below). Note that students can only count one course (plus one semester of a research course) that is in their major Department, and as per TCNJ policy, at most one course unit can double-count between a student’s major and minor. For additional information, please contact Dr. Sudhir Nayak at

Courses based on your major:

Computer Science
All Other Majors