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Employment and Job Opportunities

We receive notice of a variety of short-term, full-time field assistant positions and other employment opportunities for undergraduates or recent graduates. A listing of these positions can be accessed from the following link:

Short-term, Full-time Field Assistant and/or Research Assistant Positions

From time to time, employers contact the Biology Department and/or the School of Science, seeking applicants for specific jobs in the biological sciences. When appropriate, we will post these announcements for the benefit of our students and recent graduates.

Local Employment Opportunities:

(Although specific positions posted previously may have been filled, these employers may currently have other opportunities to consider)

ScribeAmerica, a company that hires and trains “medical scribes” for Emergency Medicine/Outpatient Physicians. Working at many locations in NJ and elsewhere, scribes work one-on-one with board certified physicians, helping to create the medical record for each patient that is evaluated by the doctor. It is an exceptional paid opportunity for any student interested in healthcare to gain first-hand experience following a physician, observing care and treatment, and reporting diagnoses. Visit for more information and locations seeking scribes.

Emergency Medical Associates is another such company that provides Clinical Information Managers (or medical scribes) to give clerical or administrative assistance to physicians in Emergency Departments. The positions are both part-time and full-time in NJ, NY, RI, PA, and NC. Again, it provides excellent first-hand experience to students or recent graduates interested in a career in healthcare. Visit for more information and current openings.

ProScribe is yet an additional company offering opportunities to healthcare-focused students to work as a Medical Scribe in emergency and clinic locations in the region. Learn more about this company and how to become a scribe at

Genewiz is a provider of genomics services which prides itself on “superior data quality and unparalleled technical support to enable researchers around the world to advance their scientific discoveries.” Located in South Plainfield, NJ, the company has a global network of laboratories, and hires scientists, associate scientists – including TCNJ alums! A full listing of current job openings and descriptions can be found here.

The Lankenau Institute for Medical Research engages in biomedical research, and is often in need of recent biology majors to work as laboratory technicians. The institute is located in Wynnewood, PA , a suburb of Philadelphia. Visit this job posting board, or the institute’s website, for more information.

API, Inc., a small pharmaceutical company in Fairfield, NJ.  Good communication and organizational skills, and fluency in English are required; life science background is a plus. Please send resume to or fax to 973-227-9337.

Biomeme – a biotech manufacturing company in Philadelphia. “Biomeme is as interdisciplinary as it gets. We combine rigorous biology and chemistry with best-in-class hardware and software engineering. It’s all wrapped up in sublime user design, with the goal of helping our customers enact real-world change. Guided by data
and a belief in the iterative process, we develop elegant solutions to complex problems that demand precision.”

Mercer County Mosquito Control – There are occasional openings available for seasonal mosquito biologists. Successful applicants will be familiar with basic biological concepts and an understanding of good laboratory and field practices. The job is generally a full time one, and entails controlling and suppressing the Asian Tiger Mosquito, Aedes albopictus, in urban areas of Mercer County. Applicants must be a Mercer County resident. More information may be found on Mercer County’s website.

The NJ Dept of Agriculture’s Division of Plant Industry is seeking temporary employees to assist in field survey work, driving to specific work sites to visually inspect for Spotted Laternfly. Applicants with a background in entomology, horticulture, forestry or related fields are preferred. Outdoor work experience is also preferred. Pay is $15/hour with a 40 hour work week. This job is temporary (6 months). Applicant must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle for the job. Driving is reimbursed at $0.31 per mile. Must be 18 years or older. If interested, please send resume to Saul Vaiciunas, (Posted February 2019)

The NJ Dept of Agriculture’s Phillip Alampi Beneficial Insect Lab in West Trenton (Ewing) NJ has full-time lab and field positions open for spring and summer 2021. Work includes assisting with rearing beneficial insects, maintenance of plants in greenhouse, and sanitizing and care of the laboratory. Salary contingent on education and experience. Send resume and dates of availability to (Jan 2021)

Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space has Land Steward Interns positions open, 10-week (summer) 2021 and 26-week positions (thru to Dec 2021). Work involves invasive species mapping, control activities, ecological monitoring, and assistance with restoration efforts. March 5, 2021 application deadline. More info.

The American Littoral Society, a non-profit, membership-based organization headquartered on Sandy Hook in Highlands, NJ, is offering three summer internships in 2019: two coastal education program interns, and one fish-tagging program intern. More information is available from 2019 Littoral Society Internship Opportunities. The deadline is Sunday, March 31, 2019.

AES Chemunex – this international company, which specializes in microbiological analysis, has its US facility located in Cranbury, NJ (half-hour away). They are currently seeking two people to work in “application specialist” positions: one as a PCR specialist, and one as a Rapid Microbio System specialist. Please contact Helen in the Biology Dept Main Office for more information. (Posted 11/29/10) Their website is

Laureate Pharma, Inc – Princeton pharmaceutical company is seeking a recent college grad for an associate scientist position. Please contact Helen in Biology Dept Main Office for more information. (Posted 4/2010)

New Jersey Community Water Watch, a project of AmeriCorps and New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG) is looking for graduating seniors to work as Water Watch Organizers for the 2008-2009 school year on college campuses throughout the state. Organizers work at one of ten sites in the state, tackling local water quality issues, learning of environmental issues, and how your efforts can have an impact. You’ll also learn to how to organize people around your campaign. If you want more info, or wish to apply, contact Sonya Abrams at: Interviews are being scheduled late April and early May for next year. (Posted April 2008)

Medical Diagnostics Lab, LLC has offices on Kuser Road in Hamilton Twp, and from time to time has openings for lab techs and other positions. TCNJ students have successfully served as interns with the company. Visit their website and click on the tab marked “careers” to access current job openings.

UMDNJ Biopharma Educational Initiative – UMDNJ’s BioPharma Initiative is a collaborative effort with leaders in the health and life sciences to prepare the next generation of professionals in the drug, biologics and medical device industries. Their new academic certificates are designed to provide the practical information and industry insights that new graduates need to build an upward career ladder in the expanding biopharma field. BioPharma Educational Initiative Website.

Advaxis Immunotherapies – located in Princeton, NJ, Advaxis “teaches the immune system to fight cancer,” by utilizing bioengineered, live, attenuated bacteria to actively suppress key components in the tumor environment. From time to time they have need of Research Technicians trained in microbiology and related fields. Contact the company directly at (Posted 1//7/16 with current need for position to be filled.)

QualTek Molecular Laboratories – located in nearby Newtown, PA – has occasional needs for full-time and part-time research assistants and laboratory technicians. They specialize in immunohistochemical biomarkers for clinical research. Visit their website for current opportunities available, and contact them at

Hamilton Physical Therapy – seeks students from time to time to work part-time as a physical therapist aides. Offices are in Ewing and Hamilton. Contact Hamilton Physical Therapy Services at 609-585-2333 Ext 1021.

Educational Testing Service – in Princeton, and other locations in Mercer County, has occasional needs for research assistants, as well as many other positions and roles. Their careers website is

Environment New Jersey is a citizen-based environmental advocacy organization that takes on issues including climate change, conservation, and public health. They hire college students as paid campaign staff to help with citizen outreach work in New Brunswick. As paid campaign staff, students will build grassroots power, learn the building blocks of political organizing, talk to hundreds of people about environmental issues, and work closely with our senior staff team. To apply online or learn more, visit: