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Internal Transfers to Biology

The Department of Biology is able to accept a limited number of current TCNJ students into the department as new biology majors each semester. Current TCNJ students who meet the requirements may apply to the department to change their major to biology, but acceptance into the major is not guaranteed.

The minimum requirements to apply for internal transfer to biology are as follows:
– Grade of C- or higher in BIO 201 (Foundations of Biological Inquiry)
– Grade of C- or higher in CHE 201 (General Chemistry I)

Simply meeting the minimum requirements may not result in acceptance, due to the limited capacity within the department. Acceptance is determined by a committee of faculty in the Department of Biology and is based on the availability of space, and these additional considerations:
– Math and Science GPA
– Science and Math courses completed
– Number of course units taken at TCNJ

The Department’s Internal Transfer Application Form should be completed via the Google form and submitted to the Biology Office by December 1st for review after the fall semester; or by April 15th for review after the spring semester. Paper forms are no longer accepted. If admitted, a Change of Major form will need to be completed by the student and signed by the Biology Department Chair.

Please note: if you are currently a Biology (BS) major, and wish to change to a Biology (BA) major, you can complete the Change of Major form and submit it to the Biology Department Chair at any time during the semester.

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