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Genetics and Developmental Biology

The sub-discipline of genetics, which explores inheritance and the expression of genetically inherited traits, has become a cornerstone for nearly every sub-discipline in biology. The department recognizes the central importance of this field by requiring that all students take a course in Genetics (BIO 231). The concepts learned in the Genetics course are then built upon in many areas of biology; for example an understanding of inheritance is integral to an understanding of how traits are expressed during the development of the organism, inheritance at the species level is central to an understanding of evolution, and the genetic contributions to the immune system lay the foundation for the field of immunology. The following courses, in addition to the Biology core and Chemistry support courses, would be very useful if you are planning a career in the areas of genetics and developmental biology. Please note: not all of these courses are offered on a regular basis. Check the Registration Newsletter as to when a given course may be offered.


  • BIO 410 – Advances in Molecular Biology
  • BIO 413 – Microscopic Anatomy and Techniques
  • BIO 434 – Molecular Biology of Gene Expression
  • BIO 444 – Molecular Immunology and Human Disease
  • BIO 450 – Advanced Eukaryotic Cell Biology
  • BIO 451 – Developmental Biology
  • BIO 461 – Evolution
  • BIO 467 – Electron Microscopy
  • BIO 480 – Neurobiology
  • BIO 493 — Independent Research with one of the faculty doing research in genetics or developmental biology


  • CHE 350 – Essentials of Biochemistry
  • CHE 372 – Chemical Thermodynamics