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Bachelor of Arts in Biology – Liberal Arts

The Department of Biology at TCNJ offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) major in Biology to complement the existing Bachelor of Science (BS) major.

How does the BA differ from the BS?

The BA has fewer science course correlates and Biology options and is designed to allow students a greater flexibility in course selection should they plan to pursue graduate training and/or a career path that does not require the breadth of sciences that are part of the BS. Students interested in pursuing a double major might also take advantage of the flexibility afforded by the BA. The course requirements for the two degrees, excluding Liberal Learning and electives, are as follows:


B.S. B.A.
BIO 201 Yes Yes
BIO 211 Yes Yes
BIO 221 Yes Yes
BIO 231 Yes Yes
Organisms & Evolution Option Yes Yes
Additional Biology Options 4 3
BIO 495, 496, or 498 Yes Yes
CHE 201 Yes Yes
CHE 202 Yes Yes
CHE 331 Yes No
CHE 332 Yes No
MAT 127 Yes Yes
MAT 128 or STA 215 Yes No
PHY 201 Yes



Which degree program is right for me?

Each degree is designed to prepare students to be successful when they graduate from TCNJ. The BS will fulfill requirements for many graduate programs, and with PHY 202, will fulfill the requirements for most medical and dental schools.  The BA provides opportunities to more easily double major, pursue minors, and explore course offerings College wide.  Consultation with your advisor will be key in determining which degree program is best for you.

Who is eligible for the BA?

Students in the Biology Liberal Arts BS program and Biology Secondary Education BS program may choose the BA instead of the BS. For BIOTs, choosing the BA may have implications for teaching certifications outside Biology, and this should be discussed with Dr. Butler.

When do I decide on my degree program?

All new Biology students will enter TCNJ as BS majors and may change to the BA at any point, although it is recommended that such changes be made by the end of the fourth semester on campus. Internal transfers (change of major from a major outside Biology) may enter as either BS or BA, as indicated on their application.  External transfer students will enter as BS and may change to the BA as desired.

How do I change from BS to BA?

The change is technically a change of major and should be processed using the official Change of Major form. This form first requires the Chair’s signature, and then may be submitted to Records and Registration at any point during the Fall and Spring semesters.

What if I change my mind?

A student who changes to the BA may change back to the BS using a second change of major form.