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Evolution and Ecology

Evolution and Ecology are diverse fields within biology that are often paired and accommodate interests in organisms, populations, communities, and ecosystems. Work in these areas often takes you to outdoor field sites, but laboratory and computational studies are also commonplace. Because there is increasing concern about environmental problems, such as climate change, and the conservation of biodiversity, there are varied and numerous career opportunities available to a biology major who specializes in evolution and ecology. For instance, governments at all scales have agencies that employ biologists to work on wildlife management and monitoring, rare plant conservation, and land use policy and planning. There are also many private environmental organizations such as The Nature Conservatory that offer scientific positions to do similar work. Education is a possibility at museums, field stations, nature centers, parks, and schools. Advanced degrees in evolution and ecology can lead to teaching and research careers in academics or high-level research and policy positions with government or conservation organizations. The following courses could be useful if you are planning a career in evolution and/or ecology. Note: not all of these courses are offered on a regular basis, so check the schedule in the Registration Newsletter.

  • BIO 305 Systematic Biology
  • BIO 315 Plants and People
  • BIO 332 Biology of the Vertebrates
  • BIO 341 Biology of Seed Plants
  • BIO 342 Biology of the Invertebrates
  • BIO 343 General Entomology
  • BIO 344 Avian Biology
  • BIO 352 Biostatistics
  • BIO 363 Marine Consortium Introduction to Marine Biology
  • BIO 393 Independent Research I (with one of the faculty members doing research in ecology and/or evolution)
  • BIO 420 Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Insect Interactions
  • BIO 461 Advanced Evolution
  • BIO 465 Physiological and Behavioral Ecology
  • BIO 474 Freshwater Ecology
  • BIO 493 Independent Research II (with one of the faculty members doing research in ecology and/or evolution)