TCNJ Weather Alert Update

TCNJ will resume normal operations at noon on Thursday, March 22. Administrative offices and the library will reopen at that time and afternoon classes will be held as scheduled. Classes and events before that time will not be held.

Alert Posted on March 21st, 2018 at 8:25 pm

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Our People

Faculty Information

The Department of Biology currently has 20 full-time faculty members who serve approximately 500 Biology majors. All lectures and labs are taught by faculty; there are no teaching assistants.  By the end of their undergraduate experience, many students have become colleagues of the faculty members–this fact illustrates not only the level of work that students are able to achieve, but also the close relationships that students develop with their faculty mentors. The College has been committed in its support of the Department’s efforts to develop into a community of teacher-scholars.

Faculty Profiles:

Emeritus Faculty

  • Elizabeth Hager
  • Otto Heck
  • W. Steve Klug
  • Aura Star
  • Edward Rockel