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Apply to Optometry

How do I apply to optometry school?

All schools and colleges of optometry participate in OptomCAS which is the Optometry Centralized Application Service. This allows the applicant to file one application and send it to multiple optometry programs. Be sure to be aware of all the prerequisites and deadline for each program before applying.

OptomCAS Information

The basics that you will need or have to do:


When should I start the application process?

Ideally, you should start the process a year in advance (sophomore year) as many schools have strict requirements for letter of recommendation, community service, and service in the profession.


When do I take the OAT?

You should take the OAT before the start of your senior year. You can take the OAT early if you have taken courses that prepare you for the material on the exam. Taking the exam early has multiple advantages:

  • If all your application materials and OAT score are on file then will be more competitive for rolling admission
  • If your score is lower than you had anticipated you may have time to re-take the exam. You should only re-take the OAT if you feel you score will improve significantly


Getting into optometry school from TCNJ