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What kinds of courses do I take at TCNJ?

A “one size fits all” list of courses to take is not possible as each student enters TCNJ having completed different requirements. The basic science requirements (and recommendations) for students in the 7-year program and BIOA students interested in optometry are below.

NOTE: Students in the regular biology major (i.e. non-7-year students) with an interest in optometry should take the same courses toward the BIOA degree. Be aware that requirements for optometry schools vary and the only way to make sure you are getting the courses required for application is to check with the individual schools that you are interested in.

Click here for a list of optometry schools.

Click here for examples of varying requirements for optometry school.

Click here for a sample first year curriculum at TCNJ.

Click here for a TCNJ BIOP program planner.

NOTE: STA 215 should be substituted for STA 115 for students matriculating Fall 2010 (see below).


  • BIO 201 Foundations of Biological Inquiry + Lab
  • BIO 211 Eukaryotic Cell Biology
  • BIO 221 Ecology and Field Biology + Lab
  • BIO 231 Genetics + Lab
  • BIO 332 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy + Lab
  • BIO 498 Capstone


  • CHE 201 General Chemistry I + Lab
  • CHE 202 General Chemistry II + Lab
  • CHE 331 Organic Chemistry I + Lab
  • CHE 332 Organic Chemistry II + Lab


  • PHY 201 General Physics I + Lab
  • PHY 202 General Physics II + Lab


  • MAT 127 Calculus A
  • STA 215 Statistics*

Social science

  • PSY 101 Psychology

Recommended for 7-year students (required at some schools!)

  • CHE 350 Biochemistry
  • BIO 313 Microbiology


*Students already in the 7-year optometry program prior to Fall 2010 can take STA 115. From Fall 2010, all students in the 7-year optometry program and biology students interested in optometry are require to take STA 215. After F2010, STA 115 will not count toward the 7-year program or the biology major under any conditions.