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9th Edition of Dr. Klug’s Genetics Textbook Published

The Ninth Edition of “Concepts of Genetics,” a long-standing textbook that is one of the standards in the discipline and written by Dr. Steve Klug of the TCNJ Biology Department, has been published by Benjamin Cummings. This edition of Concepts of Genetics was co-authored by Dr. Michael Palladino of Monmouth University,whom Dr. Klug mentored as a TCNJ undergraduate. Concepts of Genetics is used nationally and internationally to teach genetics courses to biology majors, and has been translated into ten foreign languages. Dr. Palladino joins the author team which is headed by Dr. Klug, and includes Dr. Michael Cummings from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and Dr. Charlotte Spencer from the University of Alberta.

“It is a tremendous honor for me to join Steve and the rest of the authorship team for both Concepts of Genetics and Essentials of Genetics,” Dr. Palladino noted. “I have a great deal of respect for Steve as a teacher and author. His genetics course had a strong impact on my interest in molecular biology and genetics, and I fondly remember using the first edition of Concepts of Genetics in his course. Steve was also my academic advisor. The interactions with faculty and the research experiences I had as a biology student at The College of New Jersey are without question the main reasons why I chose to become a biology professor at a primarily undergraduate institution.”

“Concepts in Genetics” and its companion text, “Essentials of Genetics,” which Dr. Palladino will also co-author in its seventh edition, is regularly used by more than 200 institutions annually in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.