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Organismal Options in Biology

All Biology majors must complete at least one course from the following list of Organismal Option Courses. Please note that not all courses are taught in all years. Please consult the Registration Newsletter for details on course availability.

  • BIO 312 – Microbiology
  • BIO 315 – Plants and People
  • BIO 332 – Biology of the Vertebrates
  • BIO 341 – Biology of Seed Plants
  • BIO 342 – Biology of the Invertebrates
  • BIO 344 – Avian Biology
  • BIO 350 – Biology of Fungi
  • BIO 365 – The Natural History of the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador
  • BIO 411 – Animal Physiology
  • BIO 465 – Physiological and Behavioral Ecology

To be considered an Organismal Option Course, a course must meet the following criteria:

  • Primary focus of the course is at the orgnaism level, centering on what it means to be an organism;
  • The course emphasizes a comparative and/or phylogenetic approach, with an evolutionary component; and
  • The course emphasizes an organismal perspective, rather than a cellular, molecular, or biochemical one.