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About the Department

Search for life’s secrets, in single cells and across entire ecosystems, in this research-intensive program. From lab-based courses to independent research projects, students collaborate with faculty mentors in a quest for new knowledge. With a broad curriculum, well-equipped labs, and a faculty of wide-ranging expertise, we can accommodate the academic interests and goals of nearly any student.

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Recent News

  • October 24, 2016

    Lynda Delph, PhD of the Indiana University Department of Biology is the featured speaker at the Biology Department's seminar being held this Friday, October 28, 2016 at 12:30 pm in P 101. Dr. Delph's topic will be "Sexual dimorphism in a dioecious plant: patterns, selection, and sexual antagonism." All are invited to attend and learn about Dr....

  • October 14, 2016

    The Fall Edition of the Biology Registration Newsletter, for Spring and Summer 2017 Courses, has been posted. It provides important information for you as you prepare to register for spring (and summer) semester courses. Biology students should review the Newsletter before meeting with their advisers and scheduling their spring courses.  

Real Research Partnerships

Our research partnerships are the real deal: Students work alongside faculty as junior collaborators, not passive observers. TCNJ research teams make key scientific contributions, from lab work on cells and genes to fieldwork in local forests and Alaskan lakes. Our students are fully engaged researchers at the forefront of creating new knowledge.

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Culture of Investigation

A spirit of discovery anchors our curriculum. Even courses and labs incorporate research, challenging students to sharpen critical thinking and analytical skills while mastering the use of up-to-date lab equipment. Students build breadth of knowledge through foundation courses and depth through upper-level study in their own area of interest.

Great Labs, Great Access

Everything you need, when you need it. Entrusted with their own keys, our undergraduate researchers get 24/7 access to tremendous research facilities, from cutting-edge molecular biology labs, to confocal and electron microscopes, to a climate-controlled greenhouse. A dedicated biology building boasts 75,000 square feet of teaching and research space.

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