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The Gateway to Research Careers in Science: Biology Program


Faculty-Student Collaboration in Biological Research

The Gateway to Research Careers in Science: Biology program is a merit-based scholarship and research program which supports and motivates students from groups that are historically underrepresented in the biological sciences, to prepare them for graduate school and research-based careers as biological scientists. Originally called Gateway to Graduate School in Biology, it was funded from 2010-2013 by the National Science Foundation through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (NSF-DEB 0933977). It is now funded by TCNJ. The core of the Gateway:Biology program is four years of intensive research mentoring by the TCNJ Biology faculty, combined with a range of supportive programmatic activities. Qualified prospective students who are accepted into the Biology major will be invited to apply.

GGSB Group Fall 2013 Program Highlights:

  • A four-year academic scholarship
  • First-year research experiences in mini-rotations among different faculty-student research labs, to explore everything from ecology to physiology to molecular biology.
  • Sustained research in one lab group over six semesters, for academic credit.
  • Program benefits worth approximately $10,000 per student (in addition to the scholarship), including:
    • A full-time, paid research experience during one summer.
    • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) prep course.
    • Funding for research supplies
    • Travel to professional, scientific conferences
    • Skills training for graduate school and research-based job applications
    • Community-building activities and peer mentoring
    • field trips to visit research universities and industries

Program Overview

Students, Past and Present

Faculty Mentors and Labs


Contact Information  

For more information about Gateway to Research Careers in Science: Biology (formerly Gateway to Graduate School in Biology, or GGSB), contact
Dr. Janet Morrison
Professor and Chair of Biology
Director of Gateway:Biology
609-771-2371 or 2356