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Financial Information for the two-week Maymester

trip to the Galápagos Islands and Ecuador:

  • Estimated costs

  • Payment Schedule

  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

The following are the costs for the 2019 trip:

  • Application fee:
    Collected at the time that the student submits formal application to the program. (The application fee will be refunded to students not accepted into the program.)

$ 150

  • Program fee:
    This fee is paid directly to TCNJ to cover student costs associated with the trip. It includes lodging, most meals, transportation in Ecuador (flight to the islands from the mainland, cruise ship, tour buses, and hotel transfers), naturalists and guides, and Galápagos National Park entrance fees. (All additional costs are paid directly by the student. This fee does not include tuition and the application fee.)

 $ 6,500

  • Additional costs associated with the program:
    The student is responsible for paying directly for the following costs associated with the program: airfare from Philadelphia or Newark to Quito, mandatory travel insurance, three lunches in Ecuador, museum and cathedral entrance fees, and hotel tips in continental Ecuador.

$ 1,466

  • Tuition for 0.5 course units in Summer Session I:
    The cost of the 0.5 course units associated with the Spring semester portion of the course will be included in your regular tuition paid for Spring semester. The figure here is the cost of tuition for the 0.5 course units during Summer Session I.  Out-of-state students do not pay a higher tuition rate for this faculty-led program.


TOTAL:  $ 9,034

This total above includes all transportation, housing, meals, group tips, insurance and fees (portal to portal from Newark airport). It does not include costs associated with transportation to the U.S. airport, meals in the U.S., optional additional food purchases, alcoholic beverages, optional hike or spa treatment at Termas Lodge, personal tips, immunizations, passports, books, and souvenirs.

However,the TCNJ program fee will be “locked in” at $4,950 for all students whose applications are received by April 13, 2012.

Payment Schedule for the 2019 trip (tentative):


  • Fall 2018 – Applications due.  (Students will be accepted into the program on a rolling basis.)  After an applicant has been accepted into the program, the student will have three weeks to pay a $500 commitment fee.
  • Fall 2018 – Travel insurance (approximately $500) and the ticket for the flight to Quito (approximately $925) each must be purchased .
  • March 2019 – Balance of program fee to TCNJ due.
  • April 2019 – Tuition payment for Summer Session I due (approximately $900).

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information:

    • A limited number of scholarships for study abroad experiences are available. Perhaps some will apply to you. Please follow this link to the Center for Global Engagement website to learn more about scholarships.
    • In order to receive financial aid (grants or loans) from public sources, a student would need to be enrolled in 1.5 course units (6 semester hours) over the course of the summer. The Galápagos course is only 0.5 course units.  Aid to eligible students would be provided only after the student had enrolled in the full 1.5 course units.