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Faculty News

Bio Prof’s Research Cited in Recent Publications

An article recently published in New Scientist magazine highlights some of the research of Biology professor Dr. Matthew Wund. The article describes recent advances in evolutionary biology that indicate an important role for phenotypic plasticity in driving evolutionary trajectories. Dr. Wund’s research in phenotypic plasticity and evolutionary development in three-spine stickleback fish is highlighted as one of the important recent examples.

The New Scientist article was motivated by a recent paper in Nature examining how phenotypic plasticity may have played a central role in the evolutionary transition from aquatic to terrestrial living among vertebrates. Dr. Wund’s research was also cited in this article. Congratulations Dr. Wund!

Links to both articles can be found here:


Nature: Article by Standen-2014


Meet the Biology Professors

“Tri-Beta” (Beta Beta Beta, the national biology honor society) is once again hosting “Meet the Professors” on Wednesday, September 25 from 1 – 2 pm in SCP 101. This annual event is an opportunity for any student to hear about the research, courses, and organizations each professor is involved in.  Freshmen are required to attend as part…Continue Reading